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Music Related Layouts For MySpace, hi5, Friendster & fubar

Select any one of these Music Related MySpace Layouts to use on your myspace profile for free. Copy the code and paste it into the "About Me" section of your profile.

50_Cent.jpg50 Cent (4 Layouts)
AFI.jpgAFI (6 Layouts)
Akon.jpgAkon (1 Layouts)
Amerie.jpgAmerie (1 Layouts)
Amy_Lee.jpgAmy Lee (1 Layouts)
Ashanti.jpgAshanti (1 Layouts)
Augustana.jpgAugustana (1 Layouts)
Avril_Lavigne.jpgAvril Lavigne (1 Layouts)
Baby_Gangsta.jpgBaby Gangsta (1 Layouts)
Bob_Marley.jpgBob Marley (5 Layouts)
Bow_Wow.jpgBow Wow (1 Layouts)
Busta_Rhymes.jpgBusta Rhymes (1 Layouts)
Cartel.jpgCartel (2 Layouts)
Cassidy.jpgCassidy (1 Layouts)
Chris_Brown.jpgChris Brown (2 Layouts)
Christina_Milian.jpgChristina Milian (1 Layouts)
Ciara.jpgCiara (2 Layouts)
Coldplay.jpgColdplay (1 Layouts)
Dashboard_Confessional.jpgDashboard Confessional (8 Layouts)
Dave_Matthews_Band.jpgDave Matthews Band (12 Layouts)
Death_Cab_For_Cutie.jpgDeath Cab For Cutie (2 Layouts)
Emilie_Autumn.jpgEmilie Autumn (1 Layouts)
Evanescence.jpgEvanescence (2 Layouts)
Fall_Out_Boy.jpgFall Out Boy (3 Layouts)
Foo_Fighters.jpgFoo Fighters (1 Layouts)
Franz_Ferdinand.jpgFranz Ferdinand (1 Layouts)
Funeral_For_A_Friend.jpgFuneral For A Friend (1 Layouts)
Green_Day.jpgGreen Day (1 Layouts)
Gwen_Stefani.jpgGwen Stefani (1 Layouts)
Hawthorne_Heights.jpgHawthorne Heights (2 Layouts)