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Female Celebrity Layouts For MySpace, hi5, Friendster & fubar

Select any one of these Celebrity MySpace Layouts to use on your myspace profile for free. Copy the code and paste it into the "About Me" section of your profile.

Alicia_Silverstone.jpgAlicia Silverstone (1 Layouts)
Aly_And_Aj_Michalka.jpgAly And Aj Michalka (2 Layouts)
Alyssa_Milano.jpgAlyssa Milano (2 Layouts)
Angelina_Jolie.jpgAngelina Jolie (15 Layouts)
Anna_Faris.jpgAnna Faris (1 Layouts)
Ashlee_Simpson.jpgAshlee Simpson (7 Layouts)
Ashley_Olsen.jpgAshley Olsen (2 Layouts)
Ashley_Tisdale.jpgAshley Tisdale (1 Layouts)
Beyonce_Knowles.jpgBeyonce Knowles (9 Layouts)
Britney_Spears.jpgBritney Spears (19 Layouts)
Brittany_Murphy.jpgBrittany Murphy (1 Layouts)
Cameron_Diaz.jpgCameron Diaz (1 Layouts)
Carmen_Electra.jpgCarmen Electra (1 Layouts)
Christina_Aguilera.jpgChristina Aguilera (21 Layouts)
Elisha_Cuthbert.jpgElisha Cuthbert (1 Layouts)
Eva_Longoria.jpgEva Longoria (1 Layouts)
Fergie.jpgFergie (9 Layouts)
Hilary_Duff.jpgHilary Duff (3 Layouts)
Jennifer_Lopez.jpgJennifer Lopez (3 Layouts)
Jessica_Alba.jpgJessica Alba (8 Layouts)
Jessica_Biel.jpgJessica Biel (1 Layouts)
Jessica_Simpson.jpgJessica Simpson (5 Layouts)
Kaley_Cuoco.jpgKaley Cuoco (1 Layouts)
Katie_Holmes.jpgKatie Holmes (2 Layouts)
Keira_Knightley.jpgKeira Knightley (1 Layouts)
Lindsay_Lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan (12 Layouts)
Mandy_Moore.jpgMandy Moore (1 Layouts)
Maria_Sharapova.jpgMaria Sharapova (10 Layouts)
Mischa_Barton.jpgMischa Barton (1 Layouts)
Naomi_Campbell.jpgNaomi Campbell (1 Layouts)