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Automatic Day of the Week Glitter Comments

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to have a good day but the next day it just doesn't look right? Well, now you don't have to worry about that.

Use our automatic day of the week glitter for your comments and your comment will be updated automitcally for today!

The best part is that it will alternate images so you don't always see the same ones :) Refresh the screen to see what I mean. , it's free and much better than IE.

MySpace day of the week glitter

Single Day of the Week Glitter Comments

Rather select the glitter for the day instead of using the automatic daily glitter? Select any of the days below to see our images for that day.

Friday.jpgFriday (4 Images)
Monday.jpgMonday (4 Images)
Saturday.jpgSaturday (4 Images)
Sunday.jpgSunday (4 Images)
Thursday.jpgThursday (4 Images)
Tuesday.jpgTuesday (4 Images)
Wednesday.jpgWednesday (2 Images)